[Boost-docs] Book "The Boost C++ Libraries" now in English

Subject: [Boost-docs] Book "The Boost C++ Libraries" now in English
From: Boris Schaeling (boris_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-04-01 10:21:12

Andreas and I are pleased to announce that the book "The Boost C++
Libraries" is now available in English: <http://en.highscore.de/cpp/boost/>

At this point I have to thank Andreas who started translating the 16
chapters of my book nearly a year ago and managed to finish this
tremendous amount of work after all that time. Without him there wouldn't
be a single sentence of my book available in English. Thank you, Andreas!

While you can simply click on <http://en.highscore.de/cpp/boost/> and have
a look, here are some explanations in case someone is interested:

* The book is licensed under a Creative Commons License and can be copied,
distributed and transmitted for non-commercial use. As the part "for
non-commercial use" might raise some concerns: You are definitely allowed
to use the book at work (print it, hand it out to colleagues, publish it
on intranet web servers etc.). We also welcome trainers who want to use
the book in classes about the Boost C++ libraries (even if you are paid as
a trainer). There is no need to ask us for permission either. What we
don't want to see though is e.g. a commercial IT magazine simply filling
pages by printing the book.

* The book currently consists of 16 chapters. While there are some
chapters which present only one library, others introduce a couple of
libraries. I decided not to write one chapter per library because some
libraries are so small that it's all explained within a few paragraphs. If
you want to lookup libraries though you find direct links in the overview

* There is a link "Found an error? Fix it in your browser!" below the
table of contents in every chapter (your browser must support Javascript
to display the link). If you click on the link the webpage becomes
editable. This makes it rather easy to fix typos or other mistakes.
Changes are saved on the server and will be reviewed (to protect against

* If you click on "Found an error? Fix it in your browser!" there is
another option called "Mark keywords". If you select this option you can
mark words (by clicking on them). The idea is to create an index by
marking those words which you think should be included in an index. As
it's quite a lot of work to create a good index we welcome proposals of
what to include.

* For those who know German there is still the original version of the
book at <http://www.highscore.de/cpp/boost/>. The content is the very same
(even same sample codes). We will also keep the books in sync (it's not
that the German version won't be updated anymore).

* You can download the HTML version of the book from
<http://en.highscore.de/cpp/boost/The%20Boost%20C++%20Libraries.zip>. The
ZIP file contains all the web pages and other resources you need to read
the book offline. For those who'd like to get a PDF or ePub version of the
book there are links to download them. You'll notice that the download of
those versions is not for free. The money is used to pay server costs and
to finance new chapters. We hope you agree that the prices are reasonable.

* If you purchase the ePub version of the book I am very interested in
your feedback. As the eBook market is still rather small it's difficult to
get the feedback you need to understand what to improve.

Given that there have been many discussions lately about what's wrong with
Boost, we hope that this book will give the Boost libraries and C++
another, well, boost. :-)


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