[Boost-docs] Inside: building boost documentation

Subject: [Boost-docs] Inside: building boost documentation
From: Muhammad Rehan Shaukat (rehan.shaukat_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-07-18 16:03:26

Hi all,

As a part of GSoC project, I am working on generating boost documentation
using modified boost XML documents and adjusted stylsheets in Boost

I don't know much about 'bjam'. I want to get some idea/pointers how "bjam
--v2" command works, when executed from docs folder in boost codebase. In
particular, I want to know what commands (with parameters) are executed in
order to generate boost documentation in different output formats (HTML, PDF

Thanks for your help.


GSoC' 2010 Student
"Integration of BoostBook with DocBook"

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