Re: [Boost-docs] Generating a reference section with doxygen

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] Generating a reference section with doxygen
From: Edward Diener (eldiener_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-09-17 16:08:26

On 9/17/2010 9:35 AM, Paul A. Bristow wrote:
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>> Subject: [Boost-docs] Generating a reference section with doxygen
>> I have been playing around with doxygen so I can generate a reference
> section
>> for my QuickBook documentation from doxygen comments in my header file(s).
>> Doxygen produces way more output than I want, with all sorts of extras
> such as
>> hierarchies on the top of a page, doxygen logo, index and search, #include
> lines,
>> etc. etc.
>> Does anyone have a doxygen configuration which will produce more
>> appropriate limited output for a reference section for Quickbook ?
> For some examples see jamfile.v2 in
> \boost_1_44_0\libs\accumulators\doc
> \boost_1_44_0\libs\units\doc
> \boost-sandbox\SOC\2007\visualization\libs\svg_plot\doc\jamfile.v2 is an
> example that uses tons and tons of Doxygen comments to document a zillion
> small functions.
> Attached is a jamfile zip in which all the Doxygen options are listed and
> commented which may help you customise yours.
> The really useful feature of building Doxygen is getting rid of any mistakes
> in the Doxygen comments (if any),
> or anything that Doxygen gags on (it can get confused on complicated
> templatey stuff).
> The jamfile controls what files are included in the Doxygen docs - ...hpp
> but not .cpp or .ipp perhaps?

Thanks for the information and the attached jamfile. I will look at
everything to see how I can do my own one.

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