[Boost-docs] documentation suggestions for Getting Started section

Subject: [Boost-docs] documentation suggestions for Getting Started section
From: Ed Beroset (beroset_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-07-05 14:04:10

I just recently changed computers and had to set up compilers and libraries from
scratch on a Windows 7 box (I'm more used to Linux). When I did so, I found the
quite helpful, but had a few small suggestions for improvements.

First, the sample program that links to a boost library has what appears to be a
minor typo. In the program
here, the regex looks for (Re: |Aw: )* but, given the context, I'd have expected
(Re: |Fw: )* instead. It's a very minor point, but makes the purpose a little
more clear.

Second, a word on compiling 64-bit versions of boost under Windows would be
helpful. After a bit of searching, I learned that in order to build them I
could use the command line: b2 address-model=64 --build-type=complete install
A mention of that on the getting started page may help someone else avoid
head-scratching LNK2019 linker errors when using the 64-bit version of the MSVC

Hope that's useful, and thanks for the excellent library.


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