[Boost-docs] Navigation buttons

Subject: [Boost-docs] Navigation buttons
From: Michael Shepanski (mps_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-07-14 03:43:38


I've put together a document with quickbook, and a boostbook.css file
that I copied from the boost distribution. There were several there so I
chose the one that gave the look I liked the best, and I'm attaching it

Now this works fine as long as I'm using Firefox to view the document
locally on my machine with with "file://". In particular, I see the
words "Prev", "Up, "Home", and "Next" displayed neatly in the top-right
and bottom-right corner of each page. (I don't see all four words all
the time, but I always see the ones I /should/ see, e.g. I see the
"Next" button on every page but the last.) That's all great.

But now, various problems:

1. If I use Internet Explorer with "file://" each of these words is
accompanied by an icon that looks like a computer screen with a "X" on it.

2. When I upload the files to a web host and view them in Firefox with
"http://", then the words only appear some of the time. E.g., the first
time I view a page, its "Next" button doesn't appear. Yet when I click
in the place where it should be, the navigation action works. And then
when I come back to that page, it does appear.

3. When I use Internet Explore with "http://" then I get a combination
of problems 1 and 2. That is to say, I always see the ugly "X" icons,
but the accompanying text is unreliable in the same way as it is on Firefox.

You can see the document here: http://quince-lib.com/index.html .

I'm guessing that the ugly "X" icons indicate a failed attempt to
display arrows for "Prev", "Up", and "Next", and a house shape for
"Home". If you have a solution that will display the arrows and house,
then that would be great; but a solution that gets the the words to show
consistently would be fine too.

---- Michael

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