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Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] Navigation buttons
From: Paul A. Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-07-14 13:31:56



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On 14/07/2014 9:39 PM, Paul A. Bristow wrote:

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I'm guessing that the ugly "X" icons indicate a failed attempt to display arrows
for "Prev", "Up", and "Next", and a house shape for "Home". If you have a
solution that will display the arrows and house, then that would be great


They do indeed L

You can investigate the cause using the right click, View Source option. The
home page shows <img src=" <view-source:>
images/next.png" alt="Next">.

So you don't have next.png in the expected /images folder.

If you want a standalone document, then you need to provide a folder images with
the png files you use. You can copy from modular-boost\doc\src\images

If you intend it to be a Boost library, then using the 'standard' modular-boost
file structure with the documentation in /yourlibrary/doc then the
Boostbook.css provided will point to the main Boost images at

modular-boost\doc\src\images and everything works nicely.



Success! Many thanks.

I've taken the standalone approach. Much as I would like it to be a boost
library one day, the verb i would use today is "wish" rather than "intend".

I hope - it looks very useful - and already has good docs.

If you are not doing this already, You may like to look at code snippets

this allows you to include the actual code of your examples and ensures that the
code actually compiles (and runs).

If you use the new modular-boost structure, you can avoid sort of the annoyance
you had (links that assume position in the modular-boost file tree), and make
your stuff visible on GitHub so people can try out making it *look* as if it is
a Boost library.

Good luck!





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