Re: [Boost-docs] C++11 Quickbook

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] C++11 Quickbook
From: Edward Diener (eldiener_at_[hidden])
Date: 2017-11-10 18:25:23

On 8/4/2017 6:51 PM, Daniel James via Boost-docs wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been doing some quickbook development, and I was thinking of
> using C++11 (maybe auto, rvalue references, variadics, range for loops
> and initializer lists, depending on how widespread support is). Any
> objections? I imagine most people are compiling it with a recent
> compiler anyway.

I think C++11 is fine as the latest versions of gcc, clang, and vc++
default to C++11 mode or higher.

> I'm also thinking about using clang-format. Would anyone object to
> that? Of course I'll have to stop it formatting spirit grammars, so it
> can't be used everywhere.

How would you be using clang-format in quickbook ?

> Daniel

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