Re: [Boost-docs] C++11 Quickbook

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] C++11 Quickbook
From: Edward Diener (eldiener_at_[hidden])
Date: 2017-11-10 23:28:03

On 11/10/2017 5:50 PM, Daniel James via Boost-docs wrote:
> On 10 November 2017 at 22:44, Edward Diener via Boost-docs
> <boost-docs_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>> Then exactly how do you plan on using clang-format in the generation of
>> documentation ?
> I don't. I'm just planning to use it to format the quickbook C++ source code.

Light goes on <g>.

Since it will not affect anybody but those who modify quickbook source,
they can chime in on that if they want. I have never looked at the
quickbook source but I am a big admirer of the functionality provided by
quickbook. Quickbook is an unqualified success.

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