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Subject: Re: [GSOC 2019] [Draft] Proposal by Olzhas Zhumabek - Epipolar geometry
From: Olzhas Zhumabek (anonymous.from.applecity_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-04-03 22:15:53

>From my understanding, the only culprit is the feature detection. The rest
should be straightforward linear algebra.

For completeness, you should also add some feature detection: To find a
> fundamental matrix you need to feed in pairs of points. That is, you
> need to already have obtained those corresponding points (as features)
> in the original images.

It seems like SIFT algorithm for feature detection is the way to go. I
found a page that summarizes the steps of the algorithm:
The matching part is mostly nearest neighbor search (pick one interest
point from one image and try to find closest match from interest points of
other image). It doesn't look that fast though. I guess after checking out
performance of serial version I'll try either parallel CPU or CUDA/SYCL
version, if performance is completely unreasonable.

After finding corresponding points, finding fundamental matrix will be
about solving linear equation.

Do you know if there are any applications of the fundamental
> matrix outside the epipolar geometry?

Epipolar geometry is unfortunately the only application of fundamental
matrix that I found from my searches.

That, too. (I can see some cool demos, such as a very simple motion
> capture on simple consumer hardware, etc.. Lots to get amateur hackers
> excited. :-) )

About motion capture: sounds a bit ambitious, but certainly doable. I guess
I should start doing that after I got aforementioned algorithms of
reasonable quality with all of the accompanying documentation and
tutorials. I'll try to find some simple to use video decoder for this demo
project at a later time.

I'll have a PDF version of my proposal ready with more rigid wording and
clear stated goals. Is there anything else I should add into the proposal
other than plans and link to my solution of coding competency test?

P.S. I deleted auto generated quote of previous messages and tried to quote
only relevant part of relevant messages. Is this accepted practice in
mailing lists?


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