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From: prathamesh tagore (prathameshtagore_at_[hidden])
Date: 2021-05-23 06:52:40

Summary of my discussion/meet with @Olzhas on slack is as follows :

1. Determining whether a kernel can be separated as required for separable
2D convolution will need extra Linear algebra calculations and might
require support from an external BLAS library. Instead, we can give option
to user whether they want to perform separable 2D convolution and then let
them provide required 1D kernels. We may choose to implement it directly in
some known cases.

2. More investigation is to be done for increasing convolution efficiency
using tiling.

PS : On a separate note, can someone clarify whether I should submit GSoC
related PRs against the develop branch of the main repository or will there
be a separate fork for GSoC related activities of Boost Gil (like 2019)?

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