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From: Olzhas Zhumabek (anonymous.from.applecity_at_[hidden])
Date: 2021-06-01 16:51:20

We are struggling a little bit with communication channels
and appointment making tools. I believe we will be using
discord for voice calls and slack or discord for text
discussion. I will try to deal with calendar apps so that I
could share a calendar and then we will all see appointments
and could join them when needed. Sorry for not being
transparent with the meetings, they mostly are about
intermittent things and trying things out. The main problem
is agreeing on the meeting time, which I'm searching
solution for. Google workspaces seem to be good,
but they are paid. Free version of Google Calendar
doesn't include the ability to make appointments.
Just sharing the calendar and making an event doesn't
seem to automatically notify all owners. I will keep
trying out other candidate solutions.

Prathamesh, could you please include the full report
of the discussion next time as you did in your last email?


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