QxOrm 1.3.1 (C++ Qt Object Relational Mapping library) and QxEntityEditor 1.1.7 (the graphic editor) just released !

Changes in version QxOrm 1.3.1:
 * New class qx::QxModelService<T, S> in QxModelView module to connect a Qt model to services to execute client-server requests (can be used with QML and QtWidgets views)
 * Add some useful methods to qx::IxModel class and fix several issues with the QxModelView module
 * Support last version of MinGW with large precompiled header bug : new compilation option _QX_NO_PRECOMPILED_HEADER (to enable in QxOrm.pri config file)
 * Fix issue when loading several shared libraries on Windows with services registered in QxService module
 * Fix the qx::QxSqlQuery serialization process used by QxService module to send requests over network
 * Fix an issue with qx::QxCollection<Key, Value> class when inserting an item at last position

Changes in version QxEntityEditor 1.1.7:
 * New Navigator window (under project treeview) : useful to navigate over large diagram
 * New way to draw relationships (orthogonal lines between 2 entities) + display the relationship type on each side (there is an option to use the old drawing style from previous version)
 * Possibility to define a background color by namespace : useful to group all entities in the diagram associated to a same namespace
 * New feature to customize entities/enumerations/notes colors at several levels
 * Define items colors at project level (menu Tools >> Project settings >> Colors tab)
 * Define items colors at namespace level (right-click on the diagram >> Define colors by namespace)
 * Define colors at item level : right-click on an item (entity, enumeration or comment) >> Define item colors
 * New action to organize automatically the diagram layout, useful after an import process for example (menu View >> Organize diagram layout)
 * Improve the DDL SQL export plugin : new option to export relationships as foreign keys constraints in database
 * Support the new compilation option _QX_NO_PRECOMPILED_HEADER of QxOrm library (workaround for a known bug of recent versions of MinGW on Windows and large precompiled header)
 * Import database by ODBC plugin : fix the import from MS SQL Server database when tables are not located in the default schema (dbo)
 * QxEntityEditor Mac OS X version : fix an issue to load the QxEEPrinter plugin
 * Export plugin to C++ model/view project : new option to generate models based on the new QxOrm library class qx::QxModelService<T, S> (models based on services to execute client-server requests)

For more details about QxOrm library and QxEntityEditor application, please go to website : http://www.qxorm.com/


Lionel Marty - QxOrm library