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Subject: Re: [Boost-mpi] Working with Boost MPI And OpenMPI in Windows
From: MM (finjulhich_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-10-14 05:00:52

Sorry for not include a snippet from the question. I have my formulation of
the subject will thread this answer with respect to the question.

Yes you need to recompile boost mpi library after changing the mpi.jam
(which is found under boost tools build2 : something like this) file.
I don't have it here to attach it but you need to:

In the Microsoft HPC cluster section.
1. set the path of the openmpi instead of HPC path
2. add define for OMPI_IMPORTS according to bjam syntax for the msvc
toolset you're using
3. pay attention to which version of the binaries you're using 32 bit or
64bit, your program, boost mpi and openmpi libs all have to be of the same
bitness of course.

Note that the openmpi you donwloaded has been built with vs2010 and _NOT_
vs2012 as far as I could see.
I am curious to see if you manage to build your program vs2012 and boost
vs2012 vs openmpi lib from vs2010 as I'd like to upgrade to vs2012 as well
and openmpi libs is blocking me,

Good luck!

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