Although I just realize I, for one, cannot submit issues agasint boost-mpi, am I the only one in this situation ?

I the meantime I'll just go with a PL.



On 08/04/2018 18:59, Alain Miniussi via Boost-mpi wrote:


Not on my test platforms, but the warning is justified.

Could you file an issue that I can reference it i the fix.



On 08/04/2018 18:31, Belcourt, Kenneth via Boost-mpi wrote:

Hit this error with clang on Mac.  Anyone else see this?

In file included from libs/mpi/src/cartesian_communicator.cpp:12:
./boost/mpi/cartesian_communicator.hpp:120:67: warning: all paths through this function will call itself [-Winfinite-recursion]
  cartesian_topology& operator=(cartesian_topology const&& other) { 
1 warning generated.

This is killing my builds with -Werror enabled.

— Noel Belcourt

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