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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-10-11 10:45:21

I note in my logs (not in what gets reported) that there are still some
first of all.... I make my logs available at
for those who need to see them
both the v1 and v2 logs of the test runs (the script I use can be viewed by
clicking on the RudbekAssociates link on the summary page provided by metacomm.

to the specifics (and this doesn't show up in the test logs, because it's
part of the install log)
# Preinstalled "C:\Projects\process_jam_log.exe" is not found; building one...
# Found "process_jam_log.exe" source directory
# Building "process_jam_log.exe"
(C:\Projects\boost\tools\build\jam_src\bin.ntx86\bjam.exe -sTOOLS=vc7_1)...

C:\Projects>cd C:\Projects\boost\tools\regression\build

vc7_1-tools.jam: No such file or directory
vc7_1-tools.jam: No such file or directory
vc7_1-tools.jam: No such file or directory
C:\Projects\boost\tools/build/v1\allyourbase.jam:629: in C++
rule C++-action unknown in module
C:\Projects\boost\tools/build/v1\allyourbase.jam:1096: in Object
C:\Projects\boost\tools/build/v1\allyourbase.jam:1161: in Objects
C:\Projects\boost\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:104: in library-file
C:\Projects\boost\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:1945: in subvariant-target
C:\Projects\boost\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:1642: in link-libraries
C:\Projects\boost\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:1834: in generate-dependencies
C:\Projects\boost\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:1940: in subvariant-target
C:\Projects\boost\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:2033: in main-target
C:\Projects\boost\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:1354: in declare-local-target
C:\Projects\boost\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:2043: in exe
Jamfile:12: in load-jamfiles
C:\Projects\boost\tools\build\v1\bootstrap.jam:21: in boost-build
C:\Projects\boost\boost-build.jam:16: in module scope
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "", line 712, in ?
     commands[ command ]( **accept_args( args ) )
   File "", line 356, in setup
     build_if_needed( process_jam_log, pjl_toolset, toolsets )
   File "", line 288, in build_if_needed
     raise 'Failed to find "%s" after build.' % tool[ 'build_path' ]
Failed to find
after build.
this hasn't been working, in one fashion or another, for some time
THIS is where the file actually is:

T:\Projects\boost>dir process_jam*.exe /s
  Volume in drive T has no label.
  Volume Serial Number is 5CE3-80E9

  Directory of T:\Projects\boost\bin\boost\tools\regression\build

2004-10-01 01:04 <DIR> process_jam_log.exe
                0 File(s) 0 bytes

  Directory of

2004-10-09 15:12 65,536 process_jam_log.exe
                1 File(s) 65,536 bytes

      Total Files Listed:
                1 File(s) 65,536 bytes
                1 Dir(s) 155,110,391,808 bytes free

so I don't automatically get any updates actually RUN when I do the testing.

Victor A. Wagner Jr.
The five most dangerous words in the English language:
               "There oughta be a law"

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