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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-01-26 01:59:42

In the next day or so I will be checking my recent changes to the
serialization library. Aside from a few small bug fixes and documentation
tweaks, the major difference is the addition of DLL versions of the library.
This ias resulted in doubling the number of tests as most tests are now run
against the DLL as well as against the static library.

The amount of time for testing the serialization library could be almost
double the current time. This is somewhat ameliorated by the fact that the
test Jamfile now avoids building tests and libraries that are apriori known
to fail. For example, tests with the mingw compiler skip all wide char i/o
rather than building and failing as before.

I'm aware that the time to test the serialization library is considerable
and I'm concerned this might create a problem for some testers. For this
reason I am posting this message.

I should say I don't think its necessary to re-run the whole serialization
test suite every day but rather just when I've made a change. I realize
that its possible that running the serialization tests represent a test of
the libraries on which the serialization libraries depend upon, but I don't
believe that its an efficicient way to do this. Of course, I have no
problem with the tests being run as often as the tester desires.

Robert Ramey

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