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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-02 19:07:38

I updated my local copies of the serialization Jamfiles in order to get in
sync with your changes. I also updated my tools/build/v1 directory. I ran
bjam from withing my test directory. I got the following:

C:\BoostMainCVS\libs\serialization\build\serialization.jam:108: in
rule impose-requirements unknown in module
C:\BoostMainCVS\libs\serialization\build\serialization.jam:27: in
C:\BoostMainCVS\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:1983: in

C:\BoostMainCVS\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:2021: in main-target
C:\BoostMainCVS\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:1354: in declare-local-target
C:\BoostMainCVS\tools/build/v1\testing.jam:64: in boost-test
C:\BoostMainCVS\tools/build/v1\testing.jam:493: in run
Jamfile:58: in run-template
Jamfile:85: in run-invoke
Jamfile:172: in test-bsl-run_archive
Jamfile:197: in test-bsl-run_polymorphic_archive
Jamfile:241: in load-jamfiles
C:\BoostMainCVS\tools\build\v1\bootstrap.jam:21: in boost-build
C:\BoostMainCVS\boost-build.jam:16: in module scope

which is a mystery to me. I did check copy of boost-base.jam and at the end
of the file it does include a (new?) rule impose-requirements .

As an aside, I'm puzzled by the following in the serialization.jam file

# we use a single requirement rule to guarantee a speicfic order
# for evaluation of all the different requirements
rule serialization::requirements ( toolset variant : subvariant-path
properties * )

Its a surprise to me that requirements need to be in some specific order.

Robert Ramey

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