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From: Caleb Epstein (caleb.epstein_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-03-30 15:01:58

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 11:14:36 -0600, Misha Bergal <mbergal_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> Martin Wille wrote:
> > Misha Bergal wrote:
> >
> > I get a control connection. However, data connection is impossible
> > right now. I suspect a misconfigured firewall.
> You were right. I've been told that "passive mode" was not enabled on
> firewall but is enabled now.

Since sometime not long after this change, I've been unable to upload
my results to The script is just
hanging in the step of uploading results to the FTP server.

I can reproduce this hang with a simple script (attached). The
process just hangs at the last step. A fix for the issue is to call
Python's socket.setdefaultimeout and give it some some reasonable
value, say 30 seconds. This way a failed socket operation will
eventually throw an exception instead of just hanging forever. This
won't address my issue of not being able to upload results, but at
least I won't have <n> instances of hanging around and I
can upload my results by hand (lftp seems to be robust enough to retry
these operations several times until the succeed).

At any rate, can someone at meta-comm take a look at the firewall
configuration and see if there may be something *else* misconfigured
on their end? You can contact me and I can work with you to test the

Caleb Epstein
caleb dot epstein at gmail dot com

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