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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-04-11 02:27:31

At Sunday 2005-04-10 10:02, Victor A. Wagner Jr. wrote:
>At Sunday 2005-04-10 02:33, you wrote:
>>>And why exactly do you think it has something to do with our
>>>"postprocessing"? The page clearly states that report has been
>>>generated on "Sat, 09 Apr 2005 00:27:16 +0000", while the results'
>>>time for compiler output is "2005-02-04 15:01:16 UTC". It takes
>>>exactly 3 minutes to download and unpack the latest Martin's XML
>>>from "" and see for
>>>yourself that the output shown on the results page is precisely the
>>>output recorded in the XML file Martin uploads to us.
>>Apologies if my last post was intemperate, what I'm really trying to say is:
>>We have tests that are known to pass that are shown as failing (cause
>>We have tests that are known to fail that are shown as passing (cause
>>Until we can track down the cause, it's hard to have confidence in the
>>currently displayed results.
>>Now: if the XML that Martin was uploading was at fault, then that helps a
>>little - but - and here's the thing, aren't the old style results and the
>>new style ones both generated from the same XML ?
>>How about the python script that collects the XML for upload, is that a
>>possible culprit?
>>Victor: are you able to check to see if the XML uploaded matched what you
>>expected for the range test program failures (your current results show
>>them as passing today, so I'm assuming that the source has been fixed,
>>making the issue disappear for now).
>Oh, I waited about 18 hours (3 runs) then fixed the file myself. I can't
>wait around for some developer to fix something when I'm _using_ the
>current boost in real live programs (that's how I found the problem to
>start with, by current project quit compiling.
>I posted a notice (and in boost developers) here that I'd arbitrarily
>removed a "fix" from a file that had broken both of the compilers I test.
>If I were _certain_ how to modify only MY sandbox and run the tests, I
>could probably get to it later today (or overnight --- west coast USA time).

ok, I happened to be awake when this regression run started and right after
it had copies all the files to the install directory, I manually edited
range\config.hpp and switched the comment chars (//) from the "new" line to
the "old" line.

let's see what shows up in a couple hours.

I should be awake before the next run completes, so I should be able to
"save" the current uploads.

>>Just throwing ideas around in the hope that it clicks with someone...
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