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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-04-15 11:26:41

The amount of resources could be much reduced by only testing libraries that
change. I havn't uploaded changes to the serialization libraries in weeks,
yet still the tests are run every night.

I'm not sure what the motivation for this is. If its because the
serialization library exercises other libraries (which it does) it would
indicate that what's really needed are more tests for other libraries.
Using one library to test another isn't really running a test - its more
like the old method of just letting the application run and debugging it as
a whole.

What is need is a reliable test dependency scheduling. Also we would need
an "escape clause" whereby the developer might request running the whole
suite event though the automatic dependency doesn't require it. This is
needed in some cases like when a Jamfile is changed.

Also, the shared libraries are not the static libraries just recompiled in a
different way. I was surprised at how many changes were required to make
the serialization library build as a shared library. There are still a
couple of test cases that fail in the shared (dll) version and pass in the
static version.

Robert Ramey

Martin Wille wrote:
> Consistently testing in both variants will cost too many resources.
> Boost.Serialization seems to exercise every combination of
> release/debug, shared/static, test and archive type. This causes it to
> consume 30-50% of the whole time taken for all the regression tests.
> If we add that feature for all the other libraries then a test run
> will take a week or longer here (and also use a lot of additional HD
> space).
> Regards,
> m

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