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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-11 05:36:08

> John: One other thing that would help, would be to run the tests using an
> appropriately named toolset, something like "intel-win32-8.1-release"
> would
> be good.
> I think I might be missing something vital here!
> Do you mean create a new .jam file for this configuration rather than use
> the defaults in boost\tools\build\v1\intel-win32-8_1 ?

Sorry, yes, just create a text file called intel-8_1-release that contains
nothing but:

extends toolset intel-win32-8_1 ;

And put it alongside your other toolsets (there are other paths that are
searched, but I can't remember where they are off the top of my head).

> [Note, I was using 'intel-win32' toolset as per the boost website docs
> until Stefan pointed out intel-win32-8_1 which adds no autolinking to the
> base toolset jam file. My next run will include this refinement.Will find
> out by the morning if this affects the results I posted]
> Perhaps my question should be what is the difference between boost builds
> notion of a general debug and release set of compiler settings? Just DEBUG
> defined or more substantial. I looked in the Intel_win*.jam tools and
> didn't find any command line differences between each.

The best way to find out what command lines are used is to build with
the -d2 switch (not all of Boost though, that would be a little too much

> What would change between debug and release build that would warrant a
> release-only jam file?
> At the risk of even more egg on my face, can you explain a little.

The main reason for using a new toolset is just so that folks that are
looking at the results page can see at a glance what the build system is: it
wasn't clear to me that you were doing release builds, in fact I'm not even
sure how I could have got that information without asking about it.



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