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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-19 04:57:55

>> FYI: This is one thing moving to subversion would fix.
> Only if developers check in their changes as a single operation. Some
> people may be used to working in "commit one file at a time" mode, in
> which case their updates will be fragmented across multiple checkins
> just as they are with CVS.
> I'm just trying to point out that its not simply changing tools that
> solves this problem, but changing work habits as well.

True: in my case because I use TortoiseCVS, commits under boost/regex and
libs/regex more or less have to occur separately: unless that is I'm
absolutely certain there are no other changes anywhere else in the tree that
I've made - been caught that way before and it's embarrassing ! The
alternative is to go back to using the cvs command line :-(

BTW in this case the two commits were made within a minute or two of each
other, and Rene's Buildbot apparently listed both of them, so I suspect that
the problem may be elsewhere (bjam dependency analysis not causing all the
files that need rebuilding to actually be rebuilt, would be my favourite
culprit, but there's no way I can prove that. So many tools, so many
possible causes etc.... ).


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