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From: Martin Slater (mslater_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-20 06:53:20


I seem to be getting the errors at the end of the mail rather a lot
recently , maybe every other day where before I very rarely got them.
Has anything changed recently that may cause it or is it just bad luck?


# Cleaning up "C:\testing\boost\boost" directory ...
# Cleaning up "C:\testing\boost\results" directory ...
# Getting sources (2005-05-20T08:11:56Z)...
# Downloading
to "C:\testing\boost"...
# Looking for old unpacked archives...
# Unpacking boost tarball ("C:\testing\boost\boost-CVS-HEAD.tar.bz2")...
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "", line 841, in ?
     commands[ command ]( **accept_args( args ) )
   File "", line 668, in regression
     get_source( user, tag, proxy, [] )
   File "", line 288, in get_source
     unpack_tarball( tarball_path, regression_root )
   File "", line 180, in unpack_tarball
     tar.extract( tarinfo, destination )
   File "c:\python\lib\", line 1331, in extract
     self._extract_member(tarinfo, os.path.join(path,
   File "c:\python\lib\", line 1419, in _extract_member
     self.makefile(tarinfo, targetpath)
   File "c:\python\lib\", line 1457, in makefile
     copyfileobj(source, target)
   File "c:\python\lib\", line 158, in copyfileobj
     shutil.copyfileobj(src, dst)
   File "c:\python\lib\", line 22, in copyfileobj
     buf =
   File "c:\python\lib\", line 558, in _readnormal
     return self.__read(bytestoread)
   File "c:\python\lib\", line 504, in __read
EOFError: compressed file ended before the logical end-of-stream was

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