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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-06-06 23:26:55

a) DMC - Test library fails to build. Since the all the serialization
tests depend upon the test library - all the serialization tests fail. I
plan to mark the serializaton library unusable with this compiler.

b) Commeau - the serialization library builds but the tests fail to link
because there is a duplication of symbols between the serialization and test
libraries. This duplication is the result of instantiation of a symbol in
the standard i/o library so its not an error. My first inclination is to
tweak the Jamfile to permit duplicate symbols for these tests. I haven't
done so for a couple of reasons

i) I'm still busy with other stuff
ii) It seems like too blunt an instrument - I would prefer something more
iii) I'm not sure how to tweak the Jamfile to pass this on to the Comeau
link environment.

c) sunpro- 5_3- sunos - the serializaton library fails to build for with a
syntax error in the iterators/filter.hpp file. I believe that a
corresponding test in the iterators package also shows this failure. It
would be nice if someone with the appropriate combination of tools and
knowledge could look into this.

d) It would be nice if Beman's gcc tests could be changed to mingw or
gcc-cywin or something like that. These tests fail because the gcc being
used doesn't support wide characters. I could then tweak the Jamfile to
skip he pointless tests and the squares would come up "missing" (white)
rather than "fail" (yellow) which is more appropriate in cases like this.

There are some other problems - but I'm working on these.

Robert Ramey

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