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From: Felipe Magno de Almeida (felipe.m.almeida_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-07-15 00:20:16

Im trying to run the testing
I have runned this command: --runner=Almeida --toolsets=vc-7_1

The environment is correct(it compiles boost from cvs okay in another
directory with bjam).

I've got this error:

# Cleaning up "G:\boost-testing\boost" directory ...
# Cleaning up "G:\boost-testing\boost\bin" directory ...
# Cleaning up "G:\boost-testing\results" directory ...
# Getting sources (2005-07-15T05:05:58Z)...
# Downloading ""
to "G:\boost-testing"...
# Looking for old unpacked archives...
# Unpacking boost tarball ("G:\boost-testing\boost-CVS-HEAD.tar.bz2")...
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "G:\boost-testing\", line 854, in ?
    commands[ command ]( **accept_args( args ) )
  File "G:\boost-testing\", line 676, in regression
    get_source( user, tag, proxy, [] )
  File "G:\boost-testing\", line 293, in get_source
    unpack_tarball( tarball_path, regression_root )
  File "G:\boost-testing\", line 183, in unpack_tarball
    tar = tarball_path, 'r:%s' % mode )
  File "C:\Python23\lib\", line 880, in open
    return func(name, filemode, fileobj)
  File "C:\Python23\lib\", line 985, in bz2open
    raise ReadError, "not a bzip2 file"
tarfile.ReadError: not a bzip2 file

   Felipe Magno de Almeida
Developer from synergy and Computer Science student from State
University of Campinas(UNICAMP).
"There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark."

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