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From: Stephen Carson (StephenC_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-07-17 15:12:09

This failure in date_time:

And this failure in serialization (and many others like it):

Look suspiciously similar:

Where would I find out what a "138" means?

In date_time, there are two tests that fail compilation. The tests that
seem to fit the pattern here successfully link but then fail at runtime
(testlocal_time_input_facet & testtime_input_facet) with the 138 exit

In serialization, a number of DLL tests are failing at runtime.
These fail with a 138 exit status as above:

But these "w" (wide character?) tests fail with 132:

In these 132 cases, I note this possibly helpful linker warning:
 Warning : dynamic library './libboost_serialization-cw9-d-1_33.dylib'
section '__TEXT' ($01000000-$01089000)
           overlaps with dynamic library './libboost_wserialization-cw9-d-
1_33.dylib' section '__TEXT' ($01000000-$01079000)
           (need to run redo_prebinding)
Here a few examples of this overlapping library issue:

I will continue investigations, but I'm hoping some of the above might
mean more to others than it does to me.

Stephen W. Carson
Dirxion Software, St. Louis, MO, USA. 
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