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From: Andreas Huber (ahd6974-spamgroupstrap_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-07-27 07:09:49

Hi Felipe,

> I've setted here the automatic testing starting at 00:00(GMT-3) and
> restarting each 6 hours.


> It is working, I've already tested.
> Your testings are occurring in which times?

At the moment tests are started 02:00 (GMT-0), repeating every 4 hours.

Since most of the other platforms are refreshed at a much slower pace, I think
that a vc-7_1 update every 3 hours is probably enough. Moreover, we now have 4
vc-7_1 testers (you, goncalo, digitimer, me). I think it would be best to
schedule the tests such that we still have an update every 3 hours but spread
over the whole group. Here's my proposal:
Almeida: Start at 00:00 UTC+0, repeat every 12 hours
Digitimer: Start at 03:00 UTC+0, repeat every 12 hours
Goncalo: Start at 06:00 UTC+0, repeat every 12 hours
Huber: Start at 09:00 UTC+0, repeat every 12 hours

This would give us both better predictability (developers know when they can
expect an update) and better reliability (if one machine has a problem, there
will be another update in about 3 hours). Last but not least, the cost (power
consumtion) for the individual tester is minimized (I have my machine
hybernate after 10 minutes of being idle and wake up when the test is

What do you think?

Thanks & Regards,

Andreas Huber
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