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From: Voronkov Konstantin (beowinkle_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-08-01 03:41:23

hi again,

I think it is useful if I do summary. I have 2 problems:
  Problem1: compiler_status treats passed tests as failed.
  Problem2: "--no-warn" option does not work.

The Problem1 is *not* actual if I build latest release 1_32_0.
  The Problem1 is only actual if I build tools from latest CVS
and use tools with all other sources from 1_32_0 release.
Maybe it is not compatible? I'll try to build all
from latest CVS.

Problem2 is actual for 1_32_0 release. Because of Problem1
  I was not been able to use latest tools to check it with
tools built from latest CVS, because all tests are treated
as failed.

Best Regards,

Voronkov Konstantin wrote:
> Thanks for your answer, Beman!
> Here are additional details:
> ***********The content of test_log.xml
> <test-log library="" test-name="testPassSample" test-type=""
> test-program=""
> target-directory="bin/boost/myTest/test/testPassSample.test/vc7/debug/threading-multi"
> toolset="vc7" show-run-output="true">
> <link result="succeed" timestamp="2005-07-29 08:23:58 UTC">
> LINK : LNK6004:
> ..\..\bin\boost\myTest\test\testPassSample.test\vc7\debug\threading-multi\testPassSample.exe
> not found or not built by the last incremental link;
> performing full link
> ...using
> <@boost!myTest!test\testFailSample.test\vc7\debug\threading-multi>testFailSample.exe...
> </link>
> <run result="succeed" timestamp="2005-07-29 08:23:58 UTC">
> testPassSample **** no errors detected EXIT STATUS: 0
> </run>
> </test-log>
> ***************************
> As I can see the test_log.xml looks correct all is succeed,
> except information that Linker should re-link all. So,
> most probably there is problem with compiler_status tool.
> Best Regards,
> Konstantin
> Beman Dawes wrote:
>>"Voronkov Konstantin" <beowinkle_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
>>>Beman, thanks for you advice,
>>>I downloaded and build latest Boost Regression Tests tools,
>>>but have problem. I developed 2 tests which run under control
>>>of Boost Regression Tests: first test should pass and second
>>>should fail.
>>>With latest build (boost_1_32_0) tests works as expected,
>>>but with latest CVS tools version both two tests fail.
>>>Can you help me to detect what is wrong, please?
>>The way to debug this sort of problem is to inspect test_log.xml in the
>>results directory.
>>The compile, link, and run results should all equal "succeed". For example,
>> <run result="succeed" timestamp="2005-07-28 20:31:39 UTC">
>>If the contents of test_log.xml are wrong, the problem is with
>>process_jam_log. If the contents of test_log.xml are correct, the problem is
>>with compiler_status.
>>Please let me know what you find,

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