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From: Voronkov Konstantin (beowinkle_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-08-15 02:23:24

Hello, All!

I'm trying to run regression tests. In mine configuration (MSVC 7.1)
  all tests are failed. I think there is problem with mine configuration,
but I can not find guideline to make it correct. Here is additional
boost library 1.33
boost is unpacked to folder

I compiled libraries by invoking next commands
  and then invoked logs processing tools

>set TOOLS=msvc
>call C:\Echo\MicrosoftVisualStudio\7.1\Vc7\bin\vcvars32.bat > nul
>bjam >..\..\compileBoostLibraries_1_33.log 2>&1

// then I run logs processing tools:
>process_jam_log.exe <..\..\compileBoostLibraries_1_33.log
>compiler_status.exe %BOOST_ROOT% ..\..\cs-win32.html

resulting file cs-win32.html say
  that all tests failed:

Library Test Name Test Type Microsoft VC++ 7.1
        abi_test Fail
        algorithm_test Fail
        arithmetic Fail
        array1 Fail
        array2 Fail

What is wrong in mine configuration? Also I can
  see no Test Type, is it supposed behaviour?

Best Regards,
Voronkov Konstantin

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