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From: Jim Douglas (jim_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-10-19 03:33:30

Rene, see below...

Rene Rivera wrote:
> Jim Douglas wrote:
> In qcc-tools.jam:
> {
> local GXX = QCC ;
> local GCC = qcc ;
> extends-toolset gcc ;
> CFLAGS = [ difference $(CFLAGS) : -O0 -O3 ] ;
> flags qcc CFLAGS <optimization>off : -Wc,-O0 ;
> flags qcc CFLAGS <optimization>speed : -Wc,-O3 ;
> }

OK, that works very nicely thanks. I really must learn more about bjam.
It looks extremely powerful. Is the Boost version very different from
the original? The bjam docs seem a bit sparse, and boost orientated.


>>but I was able to identify that the python library was
>>failing because it uses the macro __GNUC__ to determine the presence or
>>otherwise of the file 'cxxabi.h'. In other words there is an implicit
>>assumption that if you are using the GNU compiler you MUST also have the
>>associated GNU library. This is a Very Bad Thing.
> Indeed, it's a bad thing. And is certainly something that should get
> fixed. I think the place to do it is at the top of
> boost/python/type_id.hpp where it does the check to set the
> BOOST_PYTHON_HAVE_GCC_CP_DEMANGLE, if you notice it already has an
> exception for EDG compilers. You would just need to add one for QCC
> and/or Dinkumware.

You missed the point slightly. The decision should not be made according
to the compiler (i.e. tools) but against the version of C++ standard
library, or maybe there should be a "#define BOOST_HAVE_CXXABI_H"
somewhere which is set in the appropriate 'boost/config/stdlib/*.hpp'
file? (and detected in the configure script)

>> BOOST_PLATFORM_CONFIG ="boost/config/platform/qnx.hpp"
> Strange, did you add that qnx.hpp file?

Guilty as charged. It picks up on the __QNXNTO__ definition and is
currently empty, but available for experimentation.
>>/root/workspaces/Libs/boost_dev/libs/config/test/boost_has_stdint_h.ipp:29: error: `
>> int_fast8_t' undeclared (first use this function)
> Hm, that's something I already fixed in the boost/cstdint.hpp header.
Does it always use the 'boost/cstdint.hpp' file, or does it prefer the
'cstdint' file if it is present? When did you make the change?

>>/root/workspaces/Libs/boost_dev/boost/integer_traits.hpp:117:2: #error No WCHAR_MIN and WCHAR_MAX present, please adjust integer_traits<> for your compiler.
> Not sure about this one.

Is there a clue in:



One further request - in order to break down the problem into smaller
manageable chinks it would be great to be able to run the tests
individually. I followed the instructions in the docs but without
success. Can you confirm the procedure please?


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