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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-02-05 14:42:40

David Abrahams wrote:
> Jim Douglas <jim_at_[hidden]> writes:
>> Martin Wille wrote:
>>> Caleb Epstein wrote:
>>>> *What about this?
>>>> **
>>>> aka
>>>> ** http://engineering.meta-
>>> That seems to be for 1_33_0?
>> Well maybe RC_1_33_0...
>> In addition, if you click on "Release" under "Regression Tests" on the
>> Boost homepage you are directed to the results for version 1.33.0
>> instead of the latest and greatest 1.33.1.
> I fixed it to point at the results for CVS-RC_1_33_0, which is the end
> of the branch on which 1.33.1 was the latest release, so I think that
> is accurate.
> I think we have at least two problems here:
> 1. CVS-RC_1_33_0 is probably mislabelled at meta-comm and should be
> called 1_33_1
> 2. The .htaccess document in our regression/ directory ought to point
> at a place called "Release" or "Latest" or something, which is an
> alias maintained at meta-comm, where the results are. Otherwise,
> the release procedure involves more jockeying with the site content
> than should be necessary.
> Of course, I could have failed to grasp the truth of the situation ;-)

No, I think you grasp it just fine ;-) ...But to comment on this for the
future. In the new website structure and functioning it would be
possible to do exactly what meta-comm does but directly on the website.
AFAIK, Meta-comm has a ZIP archive of the results and unpacks the pages
as needed. This is exactly what I'm doing with the doc pages so it would
easy to apply that. All we would need is as part of the release to
either push another ZIP (in addition to the boost*.ZIP) or make the test
result pages part of the distribution archive (drawback on that is the
size increase of the dist).

So eventually those multi-step procedures are going to be reduced to
either one or two "scp" commands.

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