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From: Jim Douglas (jim_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-02-26 03:04:58

I ran a test last night. I downloaded the tarball and unpacked it 'by
hand' then applied a patch. I copied from the downloaded
source tree and ran the following script:

python setup --toolsets=qcc-3.3.5-cpp,qcc-3.3.5-gpp
python test $TAG --toolsets=qcc-3.3.5-cpp,qcc-3.3.5-gpp
python collect-logs $TAG $RUNNER --comment=comment630.html
python upload-logs $TAG $RUNNER

I checked the contents of the results directory and saw that the final
xml & zip files where less than 1000 bytes each. The command line shows
many warnings of the following type -

*****Warning - can't open output file:
*****Warning - can't open output file:
*****Warning - can't open output file:
no errors detected
# Collecting test logs into "/home/boost-HEAD/results/QNX632.xml"...
# Reading comments file "/home/boost-HEAD/comment630.html"...
# Collecting test logs ...
# Walking directory "/home/boost-HEAD/results" ...
# Done writing "/home/boost-HEAD/results/QNX632.xml".
# Compressing "/home/boost-HEAD/results/QNX632.xml"...
# Done writing "/home/boost-HEAD/results/".
# Uploading log archive "/home/boost-HEAD/results/" to

I also checked the results server via ftp and saw that I am not the only
tester to have posted truncated results recently. CalebEpstein & OSL3
also have similar length results files.


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