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From: Vladimir Prus (ghost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-03-15 03:48:55

Andreas Huber wrote:

> <output>
> notice: found boost-build.jam at
> D:\BoostRegression\MyDocuments\boost\boost-build.jam
> notice: loading Boost.Build from
> D:\BoostRegression\MyDocuments\boost\tools\build\v2
> notice: loading site-config.jam from
> D:\BoostRegression\MyDocuments\boost\tools\build\v2\site-config.jam
> notice: loading user-config.jam from
> D:\BoostRegression\MyDocuments\boost\tools\build\v2\user-config.jam
> warning: no toolsets are configured.
> warning: you won't be able to build C++ programs.
> warning: please consult the documentation.
> error: no Jamfile in current directory found, and no target references
> specified.
> </output>
> which isn't that surprising, as it picked up the downloaded
> user-config.jam instead of mine in D:\BoostRegression\MyDocuments. How
> do I get this thing to pick up my user-config.jam?

Oh, it looks like searching of user-config.jam in BOOST_BUILD_PATH is broken
-- regularly, it's found in the HOME directory.

I have those alternatives:

1. If you have environment variable %HOME% set, move user-config.jam to the
directory given by that variable. If the variable is not set, set it to "D

2. Rename user-config.jam to test-config.jam

3. Try a bit later. The fix is already comitted, but I'm not sure when it
will appears in the CVS snapshot from metacomm. The fix, specifically, is
that line 82 of tools/jam/src/Jambase contains this:

   BOOST_BUILD_PATH = $(BOOST_BUILD_PATH) $(dir:R=$(.boost-build-file:D)) ;

previously, the order of assigned values was reverse.

Thanks for the patience,

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