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From: Vladimir Prus (ghost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-03-20 03:30:56

Martin Wille wrote:

> after some reverse-engineering I was able to make not
> create another copy of the Boost tree. I also found out that
> apparently ignores the BOOST_BUILD_PATH environment
> variable and instead sets its own path (why?).

Good question. I don't know, apparently is happened this way before. Would
it be more convenient for you if this is fixed, by appending the current
directory to the value of BOOST_BUILD_PATH from the environment?

> However, I'm now stuck at this error message:
> # Building "process_jam_log"
> ("/boost/head-regression/boost/tools/jam/src/bin/bjam" --v2
> "-sBOOST_BUILD_PATH=/boost/head-regression"
> "-sBOOST_ROOT=/boost/head-regression/boost" gcc-3.2.3_linux)...
> /boost/head-regression/boost/tools/build/v2/build/feature.jam:268: in
> implied-subfeature from module feature
> error: "3.2.3" is not a known subfeature value of <toolset>gcc
> test-config.jam is:
> using gcc : 3.2.3_linux : /usr/local/gcc-3.2.3/bin/g++wrap :
> <compileflags>" --limit-memory=600 --limit-cpu=1800" ;

I'm a bit lost here. I've tried various permutations of version specified in
test-config.jam and version specified on the command line, the I could only
get the:

  error: "3.2.3" is not a known subfeature value of <toolset>gcc

error message when the version is specified like this:


That is, with the dash instead of underscore.

Are you sure your test-config.jam has the right spelling? If yes, maybe some
other test-config.jam somehow is picked up? Can you go
to /boost/head-regression and run the bjam command:

  /boost/head-regression/boost/tools/jam/src/bin/bjam --v2
  -sBOOST_ROOT=/boost/head-regression/boost gcc-3.2.3_linux
  --debug-configuration -n

The bjam output will start with some diagnostic messages. You should see
something like:

  notice: found test-config.jam in XXX

make sure that message is printed and that XXX is the directory when you put
test-config.jam and that the content of that test-config.jam is fine and
the version used there is "3.2.3_linux" (with underscore).

Alternatively, can post the stacktrace produces by bjam on that error.
That stacktrace most likely will include test-config.jam somewhere, with
specific path and line. Make sure the version of gcc used on that line is

If all this fails, please sent me the full output from

Thanks again,

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