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From: Vladimir Prus (ghost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-04-11 02:30:22

Hi Alexey,
Hi Misha,

can you switch C++ Boost regression tests that you're running to Boost.Build

The general instructions can be found at:

In your specific case, the initial content of user-config.jam should be:

    using borland : 5.6.4 : the-path-to-compiler/bcc32.exe ;
    using msvc : 6.5 : the-path-to-compiler/cl.exe ;
    using msvc : 7.0 : the-path-to-compiler/cl.exe ;

    using python : <whatever.version> : <whatever.path> ;

Note: use forward slashes, and quote the path if it contains spaces.

Speaking about python, example line is:

    using python : 2.3 : C:/python ;

The command line to run the regression tests should be: --v2 --toolsets=borland-5.6.4,msvc-6.5,msvc-7.0


   - The --v2 option makes use Boost.Build V2
   - The "-V2" suffix in runner id makes it clear that V2 is used in the
      test matrix

The configuration directives above can be placed either in file
user-config.jam in a directory given by the value of HOME environment
variable, or can be placed in file test-config.jam placed in the directory
where you invoke

This configuration includes only a subset of compilers that you currently run
with V1. This is intentional, I'd prefer any issues to be first solved with
few compilers, to decrease turnaround time.

If you have any issues or concerns or questions, please ask me right away,
either here, or via personal email, or via Jabber
(vladimir_prus_at_[hidden]), or via ICQ (100422315), or via Skype

Thanks in advance,

Vladimir Prus
Boost.Build V2:

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