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From: Bronek Kozicki (brok_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-06-14 10:20:44

I did finally setup new testing environment - it's my laptop with
attached external 200GB drive (the drive arrived yesterday). I did run
msvc-7.0 on bjam v2 as the first run and you can see results on web now
(Bronek-v2). I have quite a few compilers (msvc6 SP6, msvc7 SP1,
msvc7.1, msvc8, mingw GCC 3.4.2, mingw GCC 3.4.5, como 4.3.3 and como + libomo31 with fixes) and two 3rd party C++ libraries
(STLPort 5.0.2 - tweaked setup so that I could build it for all
compilers except como, and Dinkumware 3.08 for vc6). I cannot run all of
them (not enough CPU power), but I can run some and I prefer to run them
under bjam-v2 (as my office machine is stuck with v1). I plan to run
them once daily (or actually at night), and I already know that there
will be times when I cannot run them (that is when I leave home for few
days - I will not be taking external drive with me, it's too big and

I consider moving mingw tests from Bronek-office (bjam v1) to Bronek-v2,
but maybe there are other toolsets ready for v2 that urgently require


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