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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-06-16 16:24:25

Boost.Build V2 wrote:
> #70: Build all variants
> -------------------------+--------------------------------------------------
> Reporter: ghost | Owner: somebody
> Type: defect | Status: new
> Priority: blocker | Milestone:
> Component: component1 | Version:
> Resolution: | Keywords:
> -------------------------+--------------------------------------------------
> Changes (by grafik_at_[hidden]):
> * milestone: C++ Boost switch (users) =>
> * priority: major => blocker
> Comment:
> This needs to get fixed now! It seems that it's not generally possible to
> build multiple variants at once. This is contrary to what the examples in
> the docs say:
> Now let's remove all the built products:
> `bjam --clean debug release`
> This may also be affecting testing in that thinks like multi-threading
> might not be getting tested at all.

In case it isn't clear. This is a *BIG* regression from the behavior of
Boost.Build as seen in the Boost 1.33.x release. It means that a user doing:

   bjam install

Will *only* get the debug single threaded libraries built. It also means
that users who have toolset set ups that do not support that particular
build will fail to build, likely silently. That would be the case for
MinGW+STLport5 users at minimum.

NOTE: The same problem applies when bjam is run for testing!

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