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From: Aleksey Gurtovoy (agurtovoy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-07-24 02:21:38

Vladimir Prus writes:
> As far as (1) is concerned, it looks like most runners have
> switched, with a notable exception of metacomm. IIRC, we got stuck
> because msvc-6.0 did not work for metacomm -- the compiler rejected
> one of the options that works elsewhere -- and Alexey did not have
> the time at the moment.

Hmm, looking at our user-config.jam, may be I misunderstood what the
Boost.Build docs are saying here (

  The invocation-command parameter is the command that must be
  executed to run the compiler. This parameter can usually be omitted
  if the compiler executable

    * has its "usual name" and is in the PATH, or
    * was installed in a standard "installation directory", or
    * can be found through a global mechanism like the Windows registry.

and omitting the invocation-command for versioned toolsets along the
following lines is not supported:

    using msvc : 6.5 ;
    using msvc : 7.0 ;
    using msvc : 7.1 ;

Is that the case?

> Alexey, can we revive that discussion and finally switch metacomm to
> V2?

I've just kicked in a v2 run on a separate machine; the results should
appear online within 24 hours under "metacomm-v2".

Aleksey Gurtovoy
MetaCommunications Engineering

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