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From: Stefan Slapeta (stefan_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-09-16 08:53:54

Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Speaking of Boost.Spirit, the test in question was traverse_tests.cpp, and
> debug symbols are disabled for in V2, just like in V1. The failing test,
> parser_traits_tests, is not specially marked in V1.

yes, now I remember :-)

> I don't understand intel enough to understand what's being suggested: if
> either of you can some up with linker command line that does not ICE's, we
> can see how to express that in V2.

The problem is, that VC in general has some limitation for the size of
debug symbols. Some tests that produce many complex names break this
I've never seen this happening in VC but often for Intel Compiler. The
reason for that probably is that EDG front-ends usually produce much
longer symbol names.

Some time ago I found out that the more complex the directory structure
is, the more often these problems occur (probably because symbol names
also grow with the directory name). So I reduced the directory name for
my regression tests and most of the failures were gone.

For the remaining failures where this didn't help we turned off debug
symbol generation.

As for the failures of Sean, I *ASSUME* they are related to debug symbol
generation, which has to be verified at first. (All these failures don't
occur on my machine, and Sean uses a much longer directory structure for
his tests.)

It might be a radical solution, but maybe it's the best to turn off
debug symbols for the intel linker at all???


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