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From: Anthony Williams (anthony_w.geo_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-10-19 08:37:43

Hi all,

I just tried to start a run of regression tests against HEAD, and I keep
getting failures in bjam for the vc-6_5 and borland-5_8_2 toolsets, whilst
processing the jamfiles, before actually building anything.

I used the following commandline on Windows 2000:

python --user=anthonyw --force-update \
--runner=JustSoftwareSolutions --toolsets=vc-6_5

The final few lines of bjam.log say:

boost-test(RUN) "graph/subgraph" : "libs\graph\test\subgraph.cpp"
**** spirit 1.6x required to build library with this compiler ****
**** skipping build of <@boost!libs!serialization!build>libboost_serialization.lib; toolset= vc-6_5 variant= release ****
g:\boost\head\boost\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:1585: in find-compatible-subvariant
*** argument error
* rule split-target-subvariant ( target-var properties-var toolset-var variant-var : subvariant )
* called with: ( sv-target sv-properties sv-toolset sv-variant : )
* missing argument subvariant
g:\boost\head\boost\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:2032:see definition of rule 'split-target-subvariant' being called
g:\boost\head\boost\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:1654: in link-libraries
g:\boost\head\boost\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:1857: in generate-dependencies
g:\boost\head\boost\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:1964: in subvariant-target
g:\boost\head\boost\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:2057: in main-target
g:\boost\head\boost\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:1369: in declare-local-target
g:\boost\head\boost\tools/build/v1\testing.jam:64: in boost-test
g:\boost\head\boost\tools/build/v1\testing.jam:552: in run
..\libs\graph\test\Jamfile:78: in load-jamfiles
g:\boost\head\boost\tools/build/v1\allyourbase.jam:1778: in SubInclude
g:\boost\head\boost\tools/build/v1\allyourbase.jam:1366: in subinclude
Jamfile:32: in load-jamfiles
g:\boost\head\boost\tools\build\v1\bootstrap.jam:21: in boost-build
g:\boost\head\boost\boost-build.jam:16: in module scope

I get the same output for borland-5_8_2. It's only these compilers that give
the error; I currently have a run going for vc-7_1, vc-8_0 and mingw, which is
working fine.


Anthony Williams
Software Developer
Just Software Solutions Ltd

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