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From: Juergen Hunold (hunold_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-15 15:37:42

Hi Volodya !

On Monday 18 September 2006 09:21, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> the libs/test/test/Jamfile has the following code:
> test-suite "prg_exec_monitor_test"
> : [ test-btl-lib run-fail : prg_exec_fail1 ]

Which is currently failing at my WinXP machine when I run the test by

> When I look at regression test results:
> I don't see any mention of those four tests. Anybody knows what's
> wrong?

I think I've traced this down to
( or the same filename one directory up, I don't know which xsl script
are used at the moment...)

At line 148 there is a XSLT function "meta:is_test_log_a_test_case"
which is obviously used to test whether a test_log is a valid test
Unfortunately, the current version only checks for

The three remaining test categories are missing:
- link (used by asio test in HEAD, after a short grep...)
- link_fail (unused)
- run_fail (used by Boost.Test tests.)

So at least four tests are falling off the radar right now...

The attached patch should solve the problem.
Warning: untested, as I've just copy & edited the text and have to
figure out how to create the test summary page myself.

It would be nice if someone from metacomm could comment on this...



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