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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-12-15 00:13:18

Ok, pulled the logs of my website and I have NO explanation for the
errirs in the regression.log there.
it MAY be that some previous incantation of the build was running....
My system has been rebooted since then (installed some new software)
I'll try to keep my eye on it closer.
As for the tests not running I have no clue at all
I'm manually deleting ALL of the .xml files in my results directory
At 13:51 2006-12-14, Roland Schwarz wrote:
>To the Rudbek Testmanager.
>I have noted that the threading library test seem not run since October.
>Now that I have looked into the regression.log file I suspect that the
>cvs update is doing something wrong:
>1) Boost.Thread is neither from the HEAD nor RC_1_34_0 branch.
> (It would be nice if this would also be recorded in the log.)
>2) There are a lot of error messages (during CVS update) which I do not
>understand. One example:
>cvs update: cannot remove boost/spirit/classic/v1_8/utility/impl/chset:
>Bad address
>3) The bjamv2.log finds only
>....updating 173 targets...
>to update, which is astonishingly low.
>4) A lot of tests are not run or build (this affects not only threading
>Can anyone help resolving this issue please?
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