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From: Roland Schwarz (roland.schwarz_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-12-17 08:28:40

I tried to set up a regression run on a machine of mine (win2000). I
tried to follow the instructions from:

This is what I found:

1) ---- The link to*checkout*/boost/boost/tools/regression/xsl_reports/runner/

referenced from the instruction:

Download regression driver from _here_

does not work, the server times out.

2) ---- So I skipped this step and took a from my working
copy from: RC_1_34_0\tools\regression\xsl_reports\runner
and put it on a drive with plenty of free space:


I did not put bjam or one of the other tools into this directory.
I opened a cmd shell on this directory.
I issued the command:
     python --runner=speedsnail --toolsets=msvc-7.1 2>&1 |
tee speedsnail-HEAD-msvc-7.1.log

This ended after a very short run. Eventually I figured out that a line
in user-config.jam was missing:
using python : 2.5 : "C:\Programme\Python25" ;

I had to dig this from peeking into bjam.log and the mailing lists.
Would it be possible to put a (commented out) placeholder into
user-config.jam to make this less painful? Also a error message telling,
that this is a requirement for to run would be nice.

I restarted everything from fresh.

This finally started the run.


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