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From: Martin Wille (mw8329_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-02-02 03:16:55

Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Martin Wille wrote:
>> Vladimir Prus wrote:

>>> Is the size of logs for 32-bit compiles so huge?
>> As I said, I have seen logs of 200MB or more. Even after compressing
>> them, their size would be inacceptable for an upload via ADSL,
>> especially when customers call me via VoIP.
> Would a mechanism to specify maximum log size that is to be uploaded
> work?

It would defeat the purpose of the uploading to some extent. I'm under
the impression that logs have been requested most when they were large.

Also, most of the time, logfiles didn't get requested. That seems to
indicate that uploading them by default is a waste of resources, anyway.

Why not create an option --upload-logs, instead, that causes that
nothing gets done except for uploading the most recent log? This could
get invoked manually upon request (and at times controlled by the test

The current code also seems to create a pile of logfiles on meta-comm's
FTP server. I guess they should get purged automatically after some
(probably short) time.

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