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From: Bronek Kozicki (brok_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-02-05 04:45:00

David Abrahams wrote:
>> the code to close alerts is "only" few months old, so if you are using
>> older build of boost
> You mean bjam?


> It was built within the last few weeks; but I'll build
> a new one.

you have this new functionality.

> I'm running my tests from a .bat script that gets run as a "Scheduled
> Task."

that's the problem. Scheculed Task is running in its own desktop, but
assertions are displayed on interactive desktop thus bjam canne access
them. Which whould you prefer:
- running bjam as SYSTEM (you'd need to use command "at" to schedule it,
because there is no way to set SYSTEM user from GUI) and let bjam
iterate through all desktops each few secs
- install new service and let bjam script "register" itself in this
service asking to kill all dialogs displayed by child processes

> Well, I'm afraid we really need that "way around" if we're going to
> have effective automated testing on Windows. Otherwise a crashed test
> stalls the whole process; a new test run won't start until all those
> dialogs are closed.

I know. The same limitation applies to "build_monitor", I'm affraid


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