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From: Boris Gubenko (Boris.Gubenko_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-03-27 14:05:40

Since St. Patrick's Day Sat, 17 Mar 2007, HP-UX is all green :-)

However, as comment.html indicates, I'm running tests with patched
acc.jam and python/data_members.hpp (I'm also running tests with two
patched RW headers which will be shipped with aC++ 06.15, available
now upon request).

. acc.jam has hard-coded "-mt" removed from the compile and link commands.
  I did not write this jamfile, I "inherited" it and I don't know why it
  was coded this way instead on relying on <threading>multi.

. python/data_members.hpp has a patch which allows python library test
  data_members to compile with aCC6 in a default compilation mode. The
  patch was submitted, but was not reviewed, nor applied, and I don't
  expect it to be processed in 1.34 timeframe.

I'd like to modify acc.jam in 1.34 and I'd like to make some tests
expected failures in 1.34 for "acc" toolset, in particular:

. python/data_members - compiles only in strict ansi mode
. mpl/copy - the compiler runs out of memory
. format/format_test2,3 - fail because of the bug in RW library (these
                          tests are known failures for Tru64 with cxx V6.5)

Can I commit modified acc.jam to 1.34 and make changes above in markup
file for 1.34?

If the answer is "yes", is

   cvs commit -c -r RC_1_34_0 -m "some comment" file

all I should do? (I never done it before).


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