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From: David Deakins (ddeakins_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-05-22 13:02:49

Rene Rivera wrote:
> * I volunteered to make changes to the regression Python scripts to
> allow posting current results to Dart in addition to posting them to
> Meta-Comm. I finished doing those changes last night, and the new
> scripts are in CVS-HEAD. Now, by default, testers doing HEAD regression
> runs will also post to the Dart server at <>.
> Take this also as a notice to testers...
>> If you are testing CVS-HEAD, please update your and/or
>> scripts.

With the new script on CVS-HEAD, I am getting an error
about too many parameters being passed into upload_logs:

# upload_logs failed with message "upload_logs() takes at most 8
arguments (9 given)"
# Retrying (5 more attempts).
# Giving up.
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "", line 1013, in <module>
     commands[ command ]( **accept_args( args ) )
   File "", line 704, in upload_logs
     , ( regression_results, runner, tag, user, ftp_proxy, debug_level,
_log, timestamp_path, dart_server )
   File "", line 130, in retry
     return f( *args )
TypeError: upload_logs() takes at most 8 arguments (9 given)

I notice that the upload_logs method in does
not have a dart_server parameter, although's upload_logs
method and's collect_and_upload_logs method
both try to pass one to it.


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