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From: Rene Rivera (grafikrobot_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-06-29 13:01:52

Christopher Cambly wrote:
>> I see some of the first results for the IBM regression testing at
>> <>. I have one request, it would be good to
>> configure the toolsets so that they include the version of the compiler.
>> So instead of "vacpp" perhaps "vacpp-9.0".
> We would prefer something like ibmxl-9.0 since the compiler has not been
> branded "Visual Age" for quite some time. However, that appears to require
> more changes than seems to be implied above.

Yea, that would require changing the toolset file from vacpp.jam to
ibmxl.jam. Not that I would be against such change, but is there a good
name that covers both the old and new names? Perhaps the internal name
of the compiler, IBMCPP? So maybe naming it ibmcpp.jam?

> We have much to learn about the regression reporting mechanism, and the
> Boost development process in general. How do we make the change you
> suggest?

You'll need to create a user-config.jam, or test-config.jam, and
specifically configure the toolsets you want further specifying the
version and any other options (note, the version can't have "-" in it).
For example take a look at my user-config.jam which defines custom
versions for the gcc compilers

> I was surprised by several things during our initial run for RC_1_34_0
> and CVS_HEAD. First, the that was downloaded from meta-comm
> failed to upload results for RC_1_34_0 with an error that collect_logs
> takes 9 args, but 10 were specified.

That would be because of a mismatch between the version in HEAD vs. the
RC_1_34_0 one. Since the HEAD version includes my changes for Dart it
has some extra args in places.

> I collected the logs manually.

Yes, that also works since it's just a difference between
(the frontend script) and (which parses and
uploads the results).

> It
> appears that is connected to the CVS release on which the
> regression testing was done. Is this correct?

Yes. For 1.34.x you should use the in the RC_1_34_0
branch. You can download it directly from CVS with something like:


> I also was surprised that the RC_1_34_0 regression reports appeared on
> <>

Look at your platform description you have a 24 CPU machine... must be
nice ;-) Anyway, if you use the latest bjam from CVS HEAD you can then
use the "-j" option to make use of some of those CPUs. The tests Noel
runs on CVS HEAD do that, for example

> but the CVS_HEAD results appeared on DART. I
> am
> reading though the archives to find out more information about DART.
> Do you have documentation we can read?


> In addition, we noticed that some of the patches for BBV2 on AIX in Trac
> #583 that were applied to RC_1_34_0 were not merged to CVS_HEAD,
> specifically
> related to python.

Yea, the difference between 1.34 and HEAD Boost.Build are aggravating
:-( I tried merging some changes back to HEAD but the way some of the
changes got moved around makes it very difficult. And I don't know
enough about what the changes are to really know how to merge. I asked
Volodya to look into it, but I guess he hasn't had time.

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