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From: Roland Schwarz (roland.schwarz_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-01 07:54:29

Rene Rivera wrote:
> Following up on Aleksey's response, and the CVS->SVN move. We need the
> following testers to do a run against the 1.34.1 release tag:
> speedsnail-borland-d (Windows)
> - borland-5.8.2
> speedsnail-gcc-d (Windows)
> - gcc-cygwin-3.4.4
> - gcc-mingw-3.4.2
> - gcc-mingw-3.4.5
> speedsnail-msvc-d (Windows)
> - msvc-6.5
> - msvc-7.0
> - msvc-7.1
> - msvc-8.0
> speedsnail-msvc-dp (Windows)
> - msvc-6.5_stlport4
> - msvc-7.1_stlport4
> For those getting the sources from CVS... If you can manage to start the
> run before CVS goes down, you'll need to change the --tag to
> --tag=Version_1_34_1.
> For those getting the sources from a tarball... You'll need to download
> the 1.34.1 tarball manually from SourceForge, and add a
> --local=/path/to/boost_1_34_1.tar.bz2 option.

I have done exactly this:
Got the sources from Sourceforge and supplied the --tag=Version_1_34_1

The results happened to be uploaded to

which I still doubt is the correct place to be picked up by the status
page scripts. But I may be wrong...

However I placed copies to

What puzzles me more, is that the tags of the log files read a strange date:

which happens to be the very same date as my previous run.

So it seems I have just wasted processor cycles. Yes?
Did I really run with the latest version?


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