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From: David Deakins (ddeakins_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-06 14:46:18

Paolo Coletta wrote:
> David Deakins wrote:
>> If you look at the test setup for VeecoFTC in the CVS-HEAD
>> regression test page, it gives most of the details on what our
>> user-config.jam file looks like for the WM5 testing. If you are
>> interested, I can try to put together other details such as what's in
>> the test launcher program.
>> -Dave
> I'm much interested. Could you please send some more datils?

I attached the VS2005 projects for the test launcher program that we

TestWM5 is the program that runs inside the Mobile 5 emulator. It is
responsible for retrieving the command-line arguments that were sent
over from the host, for executing the test executable inside the
emulator with those arguments, and tehn for capturing the test's console
output and exit code to a file.

WM5TestLauncher is the program that runs on the host system. It is
responsible for capturing command-line arguments passed from bjam and
copying them to the device emulator, for scanning the test executable to
locate all DLL dependencies and copying the relevant DLL files to the
emulator, for transferring TestWM5 and the test executable over to the
emulator, for starting TestWM5 process, and finally for retrieving the
console output and exit code back from the emulator when the test is

To get WM5TestLauncher called for executing test programs, we put a
global project in our user-config.jam that adds
<testing.launcher>WM5TestLauncher.exe specifically for the msvc-8.0~wm5
toolset. I'm not completely sure if we're using this setting for its
intended purpose, but it seems to work well enough for what we were doing.

> I'd like to run the tests on a regular basis in order to have some
> chance to see WinCE supported in future versions of boost.
> The changes I made seem to work, however, I only could test a small
> subset of the features of the libs I changed.

We are also interested in seeing VC8/Windows CE become an official
release platform in the future. As of about two months ago, we began
doing nightly regression test runs on the trunk with Mobile 5. The
results are listed as msvc-8.0~wm5 under VeecoFTC. Currently the
results look worse than they should because Boost.Test does not build
correctly for WinCE right now, so almost all libraries that implement
their regression tests with Boost.Test have lots of Boost.Test-related
failures. I submitted some patches to Gennadiy Rozental and he was
hoping to including them in the near future once he finished some
changes he has in progress. When I refreshed the Boost trunk on my
development machine the other day, I noticed that some additional
WinCE/Boost.Test patches are needed so I'll try to get a new
comprehensive list to Gennadiy soon.


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